2017 ASSIST Industry Meeting

We recently hosted our 2017 ASSIST Industry Meeting, and are glad for your continued interest and engagement!

If you weren’t able to attend in person (or did and want to collect some of the information we shared), we’ve included PDF links to our presentations, posters, and, profile book below.

If you have any specific questions or would like to follow up on individual projects, faculty, students, or other engagement opportunities, please reach out to the ASSIST Director of Industry Engagement, Dr. Casey Boutwell, at Casey_Boutwell@NCSU.edu or (919) 515-3083.


Click to View PDFs:

ASSIST 2017 Industry Meeting Agenda

2017 ASSIST Industry Meeting – Research Posters

2017 ASSIST Industry Meeting – Presentations1

2017 ASSIST Industry Meeting – Presentations2

2017 ASSIST Industry Meeting – Presentations3

2017 ASSIST Faculty & Student Researcher Profiles

ASSIST Industry Program Guide 2017

Industry Value from ASSIST Membership