Tom Snyder Speaks to NSF at CES

The 2015 Las Vegas, NV based Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which hosted a myriad of technology and innovation companies, brought a record breaking number of visitors.  Innovation and forward-looking development are at the forefront of each CES event, giving way to numerous companies and R&D departments sharing their novel ideas.  The ASSIST Center, for the 3rd year in a row, made an outstanding appearance in the Eureka Park exhibition area, in the Venetian hotel and casino.

Industry Liaison and booth contributor Tom Snyder spoke with the National Science Foundation (NSF) about energy harvesting from the body and an ASSIST spin-out invention, VITALFlo. VITALFlo, which has won its own fair share of awards, meshes the functionality of clinical based Spirometers with the convenience of your purse or pocket.



As well, Tom spoke with the National Science Foundation about the overall focus of the ASSIST Center: wearable health monitors, which through body heat or body motion can remove the necessity of a battery in order to vigilantly monitor health.  Tom discussed the types of sensing methods being researched and the 4 main thrusts in which ASSIST research is being conducted.  Displayed are inventive ideas which have come from ASSIST sponsored research, such as: screen-printed and stretchable connectors and stretchable silver nanowire.



Media Contact: 

Shanna Rogers