Penn State University

  • Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory
    The Penn State Nanofab provides users with 24/7 open-access to facilities that enable fabrication of a wide range of devices and characterization to support fundamental and applied research in diverse fields spanning electronics to medicine. Academic and industry users can perform research on-site using facility equipment, training, and staff support. The technical staff can also provide “remote services” in which they do your research for you.
  • Keck Smart Materials Integration Laboratory
    The lab enables the integration of devices with electrical, mechanical and optical functions, and is able to characterize the resulting materials and devices. The facilities include a clean room, rapid prototyping, near field optical microscopy, enhanced high and low frequency dielectric spectroscopy, tape casting, and lamination.
  • Florida International University

    Materials Characterization Laboratory
    The Materials Characterization Lab (MCL) is a fully-staffed, user research facility at Penn State’s Materials Research Institute that offers researchers convenient and affordable access to a wide-range of state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and services.

  • National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Node
    The network provides extensive support in nanoscale fabrication, synthesis, characterization, modeling, design, computation and hands-on training. in an open, hands-on environment, available to all qualified users.