The ASSIST Center Academic Programs

ASSIST fosters adaptive and innovative graduate and undergraduate students through an interactive community culture of engineering research and education,  integrating mentoring, rigorous coursework, an aggressive innovation ecosystem, professional development training, international collaboration, leadership experience, high ethical standards, and gender, cultural, and racial diversity .

ASSIST Education Programs focus on four primary areas of activity:
1. Dissemination of ASSIST research through Academic Programs and courses including a Graduate Certificate in NanoSystems Engineering and an Undergraduate Minor in Nanoscience and Technology.
2. Funding Undergraduate Research Opportunities to provide meaningful participation in ASSIST research and innovation activities, mentored by center faculty, industry practitioners, and graduate students.
3. Providing opportunities for professional and translational skill development for Center graduate and undergraduate students to prepare them for success in an innovation-driven global society.  
4. Sharing ASSIST research with the K-12 community through research experiences, professional development, and curriculum support for teachers and students 

Graduate Programs   Undergraduate Programs