assistgoalsThe ASSIST Center strives to create a culture that links scientific discovery to technological innovation through transformational engineered systems research and education.  ASSIST makes advances in research resulting in novel technologies ready for commercialization and highly educated engineering graduates, ready to be creative innovators in a global economy.


As an NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center, ASSIST is part of the National Nanotechnology Initiative—a government-wide activity designed to ensure that investments are made in a coordinated and timely manner and to accelerate the pace of revolutionary nanotechnology discoveries.


We seek to:

  • Advance discovery through fundamental knowledge and innovative solutions in human body energy harvesting and energy storage based on thermoelectrics, piezoelectrics, and supercapacitors.
  • Leverage nanostructured materials and structures and intelligent power management strategies to improve energy efficiency at the systems level by several orders of magnitude.
  • Demonstrate wearable, reliable, low power, non-invasive sensors for health and environment
  • Develop robust techniques for heterogeneous and hierarchical systems integration.
  • Design intelligent power management for battery-free sensing, computation, and wireless communication.
  • Develop systems integration requirements, incorporating research on human and social factors, and demonstrate developed technologies as part of complete systems testbeds.
  • Engage medical practitioners and environmental scientists to create a bridge between ASSIST Technologies and systems requirements for health and environmental monitoring; and
  • Form partnerships with pre-college institutions to strengthen the STEM pipeline and promote technical literacy and motivation to contribute to solving the Grand Challenges set forth by the National Academy of Engineering.


ASSIST Technologies Can Revolutionize Global Healthcare


The ASSIST team is passionate about developing new, integrated technologies that will enable a new era of data-driven medicine, tying cause to effect and permitting revolutionary and affordable advances in the quality of healthcare.


We aim to:

  • transimpactEmpower individuals and doctors with relevant and rapid personal health data leading to more rapid diagnoses, optimized treatments and post-treatment decisions, reduced hospital stays, and improved quality of life.
  • Enable more accurate correlations between health and individual environmental exposures to inform both healthcare and environmental policy.
  • Arm doctors with safe alternatives to unnecessary hospitalizations and expensive medical tests to help address rising healthcare costs.
  • Excite a new and diverse generation of engineers for a globally aware society ready to address grand challenges in health and informatics.
  • Produce engineering graduates who will be creative U.S. innovators and entrepreneurs who will stimulate entrepreneurship, growth, and jobs in nanotechnology and high-tech manufacturing.